Book a confidential appointment to discuss the process of obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation.

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We help make the process painless, simple and personalized.

During an evaluation we will:

  • Assist you in setting up an appointment with a trusted qualified recommending physician.

  • Assist you in determining what necessary documentation you may need from your other providers.

  • Ask you about your goals

As nurses, we are experienced health educators and advocates who are able to answer any questions you may. We know how the process works, we can talk about the plant itself, how cannabis works in your body, and much more. We will help educate you about the health conditions which qualify for medical cannabis, including like conditions. We can explain to you the difference between a low dose cannabis and high thc medicine, or we can recommend over the counter high quality CBD oils. We will help personalize your cannabis medicine journey to your specific needs, goals and disease process.

We can also provide consultations regarding alternative health modalities that work concurrently with cannabis medicine to create whole body wellness. We have a vast network of acupuncturist, herbalist, Reiki therapist, massage therapists and yoga instructors to access as well.