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So, what’s the secret to wellness and a better quality of life?

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Premier Life and Wellness is a private telemedicine practice focused on individualized patient care with a direct pay model. The patient is always first when making clinical decisions. We create a one on one coaching experience to achieve the patient’s stated goals. Our aim is to improve the mindset of our clients and then implement lifestyle changes to attain the desired outcome. This model allows us to spend more time with the patient to build rapport and listen to your health care needs in an effort to decide on a plan of care that will fit your lifestyle and your preferences, values, and needs. The direct pay models allows more direct access to the provider through direct communication via email, phone, and/or text. With increased access you can avoid costly emergency room visits, or long wait times in urgent care. Have total access to your provider when you need them most.

My belief is that the key to true wellness is a plant-based lifestyle including the use of both medical and alternative integrative medicine. My first-hand experience caring for clients with chronic lifestyle diseases has inspired me to become a Certified Integrative medical professional and a Certified Cannabis Nurse consultant.

My clients learned how to integrate plant-based living and natural medicine into their lives while decreasing their need and use of synthetic medicine. The results? Increased energy, reduced pain and inflammation, and an overall sense of empowerment.
I believe that if you know better, you do better. Join me on this journey to wellness and you’ll find a stronger, more grounded and spiritually connected you. It’s time to make a change and today is the perfect day to start!

Patricia Miller, MSN,FNP-BC, BSN,RN

Patricia Miller, MSN,FNP-BC, BSN,RN

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Let me help you make the medical cannabis process simple. 


Patient Support. Education. Advocacy.  

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